The Island of Treasures

The  Island of Treasures

Would you like to discover all the treasures the island of Elba has to offer? It’s easy: according to legend, the island itself is a treasure, a pearl from a precious necklace that
Venus dropped in the sea.
For more than five millennia every civilization that has known this island, searching for wealth in its heart of stone and metal, has left its mark with skill and dedication, each contributing
large and small treasures of art, devotion, style and culture, in order to perfect this divine jewel. Today, the island of Elba is a marvelous garden that protects, without hiding,
an unexpected historical feature in every place you visit: it is not difficult to discover a Catalan sanctuary at the end of a broom-filled path, a Roman altar behind a row of vines,
possibly ancient Ansonica, a medieval tower on the highest, fortified hill. So, open your eyes and allow the beauty of Elba to seduce you.