Elba Island and its treasures

Romanesque churches the Elba

Open air architecture: an abundance of small Romanesque churches

A number of granite parish churches were built on Elba during the Romanesque period; all together they create an organic system, particularly in the Monte Capanne area, from which the building materials were obtained.

The villas the Romans on Elba Island

The magnificent villas of the patricians: the Romans and the art of living

The noble Roman patricians enjoyed discovering delightful places in which to build magnificent villas with sea views. Because of its beauty, three such residences were built on the island of Elba, in ideal positions for admiring the panorama.

Map of the island’s treasures

Map of the treasures on the Island of Elba


Ancient ships in Elba island

Ancient ships beneath a veil of crystal

As a result of its strategic position on Mediterranean seafaring routes and its excellent berthing facilities, the island of Elba has always been a busy crossroads for maritime traffic, including the mythological Argonauts who, on their quest for the Golden Fleece, landed on the Ghiaie beach, situated on the northern coast of the island.